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“Before I die…”

Before I die

This is a piece of street-art I encountered driving home on 14th street here in DC a couple weeks ago. A dozen or so people had gathered to write their dreams on the chalkboard or simply discuss what others had written. This man just finished writing his “bucket list” item on the wall.

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Longform Journalism on the Web

At the end of the day, people will always love great stories (no matter the medium). When it comes to print, Nicholas Thompson, the editor of TheNewYorker.com, sums it up pretty well in this The Verge interview:

People love long narrative story-telling. It's sort of innate. For a long time, however, the internet seemed to always push things to be shorter and snappier. A reaction of some sort was almost inevitable. And fortunately, some of the people who've been curating longform narrative content have done a great job of building communities and making things easy to read and find.

As he mentioned, this 'reaction' has yielded some fantastic curating of longform journalism. Arguably the most thorough resource is Longreads.com, but there are numerous other sources that bring together great articles in one place. Among them: Longform.org, TheFeature.net, and The Electric Typewriter.

Combine all that with an Instapaper account, and you have an unlimited amount of fantastic story-telling to peruse in a manageable way. (Now just follow my friend Chris Mulligan's way and read all those articles with your kindle.)

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A closer look at the New Media revolution

James Fallows has written a fantastic piece about New Media in this month's The Atlantic...

Everyone from President Obama to Ted Koppel is bemoaning a decline in journalistic substance, seriousness, and sense of proportion. But the author, a longtime advocate of these values, takes a journey through the digital-media world and concludes there isn’t any point in defending the old ways. Consumer-obsessed, sensationalist, and passionate about their work, digital upstarts are undermining the Old Media—and they may also be pointing the way to a brighter future.
Learning to Love the (Shallow, Divisive, Unreliable) New Media" For more of my favorite articles around the web, check out the "What I'm reading" section in the left column of the blog section.

Glif tripod adapter for iPhone

Here's another great tool financed through Kickstarter. The Glif let's you use your iPhone on any tripod quickly and easily. It's simple and effective, and it just works. I love combining it with a XLR and 1/8" adapter to turn my iPhone into a portable live-streaming kit. Studio Neat recently also came out with new accessories that provide some extra functionality (allowing you to connect your Glif to a keychain, for example)..

DSLR GorillaPod Skates

You've got to love this idea... These CineSkates attach to the bottom of the popular GorillaPod tripod and allow the camera to smoothly skate along on the ground. You can do straight dolly shots, move the camera in circles, or even create moving time-lapse videos. Justin Jensen conceived the idea and raised the initial funding through Kickstarter. The system is available for cameras of all sizes, from the iPhone to the heaviest of DSLR's. Another item to add to my ever growing DSLR wishlist...